Emergent 8.5

Emergent allows the creation and analysis of complex models of the brain
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Emergent is a comprehensive, full-featured neural network simulator that allows for the creation and analysis of complex, sophisticated models of the brain in the world. With an emphasis on qualitative analysis and teaching, it also supports the workflow of professional neural network researchers.
Its high level drag-and-drop programming interface, built on top of a scripting language that has full introspective access to all aspects of networks and the software itself, allows one to write programs that seamlessly weave together the training of a network and evolution of its environment without ever typing out a line of code.
Networks and all of their state variables are visually inspected in 3d, allowing for a quick "visual regression" of network dynamics and robot behavior. This same 3d world sports a highly accurate Newtonian physics simulation, allowing you to create rich robotics simulations (for example, a car)

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